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  CSS Career Fest 2016

  Tara Dillon (CIMSPA) 





The Cardiff School of Sport is committed to supporting the employability of our undergraduate and postgraduate students. ​

​EDGE, Enabling the Development of Graduate Employability, focuses on helping students to develop their academic and employability skills as well as personal attributes. 

With an increasing number of employers ​​looking to employ graduates ​who have industry experience as well as ​academic achievement, work placements ​have an increasing importance in securing high quality employment. The successful ​completion of a work placement will allow a student to develop sector-specific skills ​​​as well as a detailed knowledge on an industry which will enable them to make informed choices regarding their future career path. 


CareerFest 2016 was held on 1st November and was a huge success. We will soon be planning for CareerFest 2017! 
Jodi Clark

​​Class of 2013

Sport Development

Arthur Milroy

Class of 2014

Sport ​Management

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