Cardiff Metropolitan University Offers Support to US University Students and Academics Affected by Travel Ban



Cardiff Metropolitan University has today announced (Feb 3) that it is offering students and academics affected by the United States travel ban the opportunity to continue their educational engagement at the institution in Wales, UK or with its global partners.

The Executive Order, signed last Friday by the Donald Trump administration, has banned entry to the US from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen for 90 days and from Syria indefinitely.

The University is today notifying the Presidents of all US higher educational institutions that any affected academics and students may use Cardiff Met or any of its transnational education partners across ten countries in the meantime, subject to entry requirements.

In the letter to the Presidents, Cardiff Metropolitan's President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Cara Aitchison, says the University 'recognises the valuable experience that student and staff mobility can bring.' She said: 'Cardiff Metropolitan University wishes to extend a global hand of friendship and would be honoured to offer the opportunity for staff and students affected to continue their engagement with education either in Cardiff in Wales, subject to entry requirements, or through the University's Transnational Education Network across 10 countries including a number of countries in North Africa, the Gulf and the Middle East'.

Professor Aitchison said: "This is not a political gesture but a genuine educational initiative designed to enhance inter-cultural relations at a challenging time across the globe".

How the University or its partners can actually assist students and academics will be determined on a case-by-case basis, with a wide range of support potentially available.

Cardiff Metropolitan University has 6350 international students based overseas at its partner institutions, including universities and colleges in North Africa, the Gulf and the Middle East, and over 1,000 students based in Cardiff.