View the Erasmus+ Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020​ Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020 and Erasmus+ Policy Statement

The Erasmus+ Programme supports the European modernisation and internationalisation agenda​ in higher education. The Programme also enhances the opportunities for cooperation and mobility internationally (outside of Europe) with Partner Countries, notably in the fields of higher education and youth. Cardiff Metropolitan University has, by signing the Cha​rter, confirmed that its participation in the Programme is part of its own strategy for modernisation and internationalisation. 

This strategy acknowledges the key contribution of mob​ile staff and students, and of Cardiff Metropolitan University’s participation in European and International cooperation projects, and to the quality of its programmes and student experience. 

The Programme’s streaml​ined structure supports three types of key actions, with a focus on EU added value and systemic impact:

Key Action 1: Learning mobility of individuals 

Key Action 2: Co-operation for innovation and exchange of good practices 

Key Action 3: Support for policy reform.  

The Programme is available worldwide, and includes cooperation with not only EU Member State countries including the Overseas Countries and Territories, the EFTA-EEA countries as well as partner countries neighbouring the EU, but also internationally. 

For a full list of countries, available to mobilise to internationally, for which Cardiff Met has received funding, please visit the Cardiff Met Erasmus+ International webpage.

GaragErasmus – Bringing the Erasmus Generation together!

Ca​rdiff Metropolitan University have formed a new alliance with the GaragErasmus foundation. By becoming a member of this foundation, Cardiff Metropolitan University is becoming part of a unique public and provide alliance of a number of Universities, companies and cities with the aim of supporting education, economic and social development and growth within Europe. 

GarageErasmus is the first network platform available for the Erasmus generation to boost work mobility and aiming to circulate ideas within Europe. This is a great platform for students/start uppers/entrepreneurs to 'check-in' and to connect with fellow Erasmus students, companies, recruiters and investors and transfer ideas and knowledge but also to become part of this upcoming professional network. 

For further information please visit: www.garagerasmus.org